What is this website?

Pycto.iois a web application that allows you to create and solve Pycto's. Pycto’s are micro puzzles with a message embedded into them. You can share Pycto's on social media, messenger apps, forums, etc. The receiver can only read the message after the puzzle is solved.

Pycto or link?

The preferable way of sharing a Pycto is by sharing it through an image. Every Pycto is in essence a specially crafted picture that you can easily share. The drawback is that most messaging apps add a lot of compression to images shared. Normally this isn't a problem, but Pycto's can look a bit off after this compression.
To solve this problem we also give you the opportunity to save the Pycto on our servers and share a link to the Pycto. The drawback of this is that we are in the middle (so if we really want we could see and solve the Pycto). If you don't want this, just send the Pycto through an image.

Pycto of the day?

The Pycto's of the day are daily Pycto's that we put on the website. These are high quality Pycto's, sometimes containing welcome surprises. If you have a nice picture and message that you want to share with our users through a Pycto of the Day, you can contact us.

What information do we gather?

Ok we are going to be very frank here. Like anyone we do not like the data collecting giants that are all around us. We try not to collect data, but to be able to compute the reach of Pycto's (of the day) we need to collect a tiny bit of information.
We collect two events: the creation of a Pycto and solving a Pycto. When either of the two events happens the app (or website) sends a signal to our servers with a UID of the app and a UID of the Pycto. Thats all.
If you would like access to this data or think we collect too much, please send us an email :)

Still puzzled? Contact us